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Chicago, IL (June 1, 2017) – Many of the RCS community are stepping up to make the 20 Scholarship dream a reality…

FCS Donates $5,000 to the Davis Memorial Foundation

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Chicago, IL (May 19, 2017) – The Alliance was established within the National Roofing Foundation in 1996 to create…

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Adds New Member

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Chicago, IL (April 27, 2017) – Wilson said ACS started out using a combination of different technology programs to…

ACS Finds Organizational and Operational Success with FCS’s Technology

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Pittsburgh, PA (April 12, 2017) – This year already has seen a lot of changes at the Scalo Co.’s. Jack Scalo, CEO of the…

Outstanding CEOs and Top Executives Winner: Jack Scalo

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Chicago, IL (March 12, 2017) – FCS, a leading software provider in the roofing industry, is pleased to announce we…


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Chicago, IL (February 10, 2017) – FCS is pleased to announce a new leadership team. The new executive team…

FCS Announces New Leadership Team

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