Are You a Good Fit for FCS?

Not every roofer is, but for those serious about commercial roofing – there is no better solution.

To make it quick and easy to figure out, please sign up for your FREE Good Fit Assessment. During this comprehensive 30 minute consulting session, an experienced roofing software expert will match your current and future business needs against the capabilities of FCS software to assess potential fit and benefits in your unique environment. Together we will assess whether further investment of time and possibly money are warranted. We know what kind of roofers are most successful with our tools and we will give you an honest opinion if your business needs match that profile.

As a pre-screen, there are some basic indicators of a FCS fit. One or more of these attributes mean a possible fit: 1) You do (or want to do) commercial roof inspections, 2) You do (or want to do) commercial service work, and 3) You do (or want to do) commercial re-roof projects.

Get Your Good Fit Assessment

What About Pricing?

FCS is the only software vendor who looks at its software from a “return on investment” perspective… using the same criteria that you would use for evaluating commercial roofing equipment, tools, and trucks. To get your ROI going, please contact us now!

Similar to commercial roofing practices, our pricing is on a quote basis. And, it is tied to the unique attributes of how you plan to use our software, as each client is unique in their own way. Items that help determine your pricing: Number of users, number of properties, number of software tools, and training and support requirements.

The first step towards calculating FCS pricing is our “Good Fit Assessment” session, which will provide insight into whether this is the right tool for you and whether you are a good fit for us, too. It is also the first step in getting the necessary information required to give you a firm quote on pricing.

Just so you know, and based on past experience with hundreds of commercial roofers, every dollar invested in FCS software returns a minimum three dollars of bottom line benefit back to our user clients, with some clients achieving as high as twelve dollars back for every dollar invested.