Who Uses FCS

learn from the best in the business

“Implementing FCS has quickly accelerated our business. Being able to offer this technology to our customers allows us to get in front of people who would likely not have considered us.”

Andrew Wilson

President, ACS Commercial Roofing

“FCS allowed us to increase our service sales by 20% in our first year. We found room we didn’t even know we had to work with.”

Anthony Schena

President, Schena Roofing

“We have implemented FCS across 16 offices and it is great to see how our clients have responded to what we can do for them.”

Casey Owners

Service Manager, Peach State Roofing

“It’s not about adopting the latest and greatest technology, it’s about being a forerunner in creating an experience that your customers get excited about.”

Jack Scalo

President & CEO, Burns & Scalo Roofing

“With FCS we finish our reports and work orders before we even come off the roof, which eliminates having another to-do to finish the paperwork.”

Jimmy Stroh

President, Jimmy's Roofing

“Using our prior platform, we got to a point where we couldn’t grow any further; Invoicing was a 21 step process, FCS turned it into just 4 or 5.”

Gregg Wallick

President, BEST Roofing

“FCS is the engine thats drives our NationsFM client portal which has allowed us to really stand out in the corporate accounts arena.”

Jim Nugent

Executive VP, Nations Roof

“We are going on our 4th year with FCS and it has really become a key component in the way we go to market with corporate accounts.”

Doug Sutter

President, Sutter Roofing